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  1. Dear Pierre Wetzel,

    Recently, I came across your website, and found myself intrigued by the engaging, photography works you are producing. I\'m currently selecting artists for NY Arts Magazine\'s Tips & Picks, and I would like to see you featured!

    Tips & Picks are great little features on the home page of NY Arts online site, http://www.nyartsmagazine.com. They run for a minimum of 7 days, and they are also listed in the Directory for a whole year. These are features that include one color image of your work and about 75 words. One of the best parts is that they provide a direct link to your website.

    If you\'d like, I would also like to see you featured in the upcoming print issue of NY Arts, a beautiful bi-monthly art publication. Tips & Picks features in the print publication are a 1/3 page with your name, a color image of your work, a short text, and your web address.

    I am happy to discuss my process of selecting Tips & Picks features with you, some options and cost, and any other questions you may have about WAM or WAM\'s commitment to artists. In addition, I\'d like to tell you about my current projects, shows in New York, a group exhibition in Beijing before the Summer Olympics, and our phenomenal artist residency program in Beijing.

    I look forward to speaking with you!


    Elizabeth Kimball, NY Arts Beijing Office
    Director of Development, NY Arts Magazine

    NY Arts Beijing http://www.nyartsbeijing.cn
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  2. fabuleux la lumière rasante.
    il y a un spot ou un projo hors champ près du sol ?
    comme devant une peinture hollandaise \"old school\" , genre Veermer dont je suis passioné , je me retrouve à chercher la source de la lumière.
    le fauteil club est vraiment pourave et je doute qu\'il trouve sa place dans mon intérieur petit bourgeois.
    Mon anglais de cuisine me dit que tu as peut-être décroché le gros lot avec ce magazine yankee , qui en plus propose des reportages à Benjing = Pékin?
    yvan K

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