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  1. Hi! My name is Paz (like peace), I was watching your blog, and I really liked a lot, and after a selection of blogs, I found one of the most interesting for what I need.

    I\'m from Argentina and I \'m proposing in several blogs photograph of several countries the following idea. Tell me if you are interested.

    The idea is as follows., I will make a sample in an art event we do in the University called Links. The event is being done since several years ago, and covers all artistic expressions.

    In my case, the idea was to make an installation with photographs of several countries (I am not a photographer), one of the reasons for my work is to represent the globality, and how to stay connected through the arts with other countries . The play is called \"Hall of love.\"

    What I need from you, obviously if you\'re interested, is that you send me a photo of any people who want to shoot, but … (and here comes the complicated part to explain) the person should be looking at the camera \"as giving a kiss\" to the person taking this picture, do you understand?

    This, will result in a hallway filled with photos of people around the world giving a kiss to the person who crosses the hall. One way to stay connected, has to do with the globality, and world peace.

    I hope I have been fairly clear and you are interested in the proposal. If you are interesting, i will send you an other mail with the tecnical issues.Any doubt just contact me!

    Forgive me if my English is not quite understandable 😉

    Greetings and Thanks!
    Here an example
    I forgot:The idea is that you send photos by e-mail and I print here until July.

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